The SAVE-THE-DRESS Project is an organized effort by a coalition of respected individuals and organizations working together to rescue Marilyn Monroe’s legendary white dress from ‘The Seven Year Itch.’

The project is being underwritten in large part by co-founders of a New York City-based entertainment technology firm inQuicity, which are financing many costs related to organizing the SAVE-THE-DRESS effort, as well as providing volunteers to fill key functions in rescuing Marilyn’s dress.

SAVE-THE-DRESS is a public benefit project. All individuals involved in the project are volunteers who are donating their time free-of-charge to the cause. NOBODY is being compensated for their time or effort in attempting to keep this historic dress public property. NO COMPANY will profit from rescuing the dress. There are NO INVESTORS.

Those involved with SAVE-THE-DRESS are participating because of their own individual passion for the cause and their belief that this dress should belongs to all — and should be placed on permanent public display, where it is accessible to all.


Darlene Newman; Director of SAVE-THE-DRESS

Scott Trent; Campaign Driver of SAVE-THE-DRESS

Andrew Hansford; Curator of the Travilla Estate (William Travilla, designer of the famous white dress)

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